May. 26th, 2005

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I've had this LJ now for over two years, and I've kept a pretty reasonable account of a lot of the stuff that's gone on in my life. However, recently I've decided I just don't have the time to do that any more. So, I've decided I'll not be so "event based" in future. This LJ is likely to get a lot more random in its content as a result...
It was an interesting couple of years, and the old entries are interesting to re-read. They provide the bones, and I can then recall more details from my memory to flesh out the events I've written about.
This entry is as much for my reference as anyone else's.
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Spotted on [ profile] meltie's LJ, a fantastic guide to "Electronic Music":
Click on the "Trance" button and there's my music from the last 10 years, in the red blob across the top labeled "INDUSTRIAL". The description under "Industrial Rock" does apply to me in a rather-too-accurate fashion!
Silliest tab on there has to be "Buttrock Goa (AKA Heavy Metal Goa)" though. The description finishes with the beautiful sentence "Heavy Metal and trance go so well together." Well *obviously* :-)
And now to go and see The Cruxshadows (Darkwave, apparently).


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