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Thank you [ profile] evie_petrol for infecting me with your lurgy :-( I've had a dodgy few days with a nasty sore throat, which also destroyed my voice so I've sounded like a dodgy Eastend villain. I've been a bit wobbly as well. I'm still going into work, but doing "light duties". My usual rule for work is "am I safe to be using COMMIT on live databases?" Yesterday, I was not. Today, I'm feeling somewhat better, and I am, although my voice is still broken.

At the Wendy House on Saturday night I realised I was coming across as an ignorant git due to my unwillingness to shout at people. Fortunately, I had my trusty M3100 on me, so I fired up Word and showed people a window with "My voice has gone" in large type in it. Later on, [ profile] grufti suggested that the text "I have a large penis" might be more useful. However, whenever I used that [ profile] skinfitz would hold up *his* M3100 with the text "Lies!!!!!" emblazoned on it :-)

On Sunday an old friend of Trash's from the Midlands popped in with her two (quiet, placid) little girls. Interestingly, [ profile] evie_petrol didn't seem bothered about playing with them, even though they were older than her. It was as if she detected they were quiet children, and her preference is for BONKERS children who RAMPAGE!

Later [ profile] evie_petrol, Trash and I met [ profile] rosamicula in York for some cake. Trash and I took [ profile] evie_petrol into Clifford's tower just before we met her, which [ profile] evie_petrol quite liked, although she made us nervous climbing on the walls. Despite having first arrived in York 20 years ago that was the first time we had ever been in Clifford's tower. I had to buy [ profile] evie_petrol a foam sword at the end though, which she later beat [ profile] tails_redux over the head with when we randomly ran into him and [ profile] ayrton_nix outside Betty's.

I've just managed to book a room for Whitby too (Friday to Monday), once more proving that something always comes up for me at the last minute. I'm in the Haven guest house. I have been refreshing the WGW forum for the last couple of days, and the room came up on that. So I *shall* go to the ball!


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