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I am in deepest darkest Devon, in East Budleigh (birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh). We drove down single track roads with grass growing in the middle of them to get here. I have no internet connection. I also have no mobi reception in the cottage we're staying in, something that's not really happened to me this century. To send out this message i have climbed a hill behind our cottage to get one bar of GPRS coverage. 3G doesnt happen round here.
Fortunately I got an HTC Touch Pro the other day so I once more have a phone with a 'real' keyboard.
Took sprogs to a donkey sanctuary this morning, which they enjoyed. Then we had a bracing walk on the stones of Budley Salterton beach in the wind and rain. Hurrah for England in the summertime.
Feb. 12th, 2009 02:09 pm

Snow post

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I am actually in Hull, so can I just say "er ner it's sner!"
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Late train excuse this morning was interesting. According to an overheard conversation between train staff, somebody had stolen signalling cable near East Garforth. I await with interest tonight's surprising excuse, although as the rain was deafening on the roof of Leeds station earlier I sense a ready made excuse there. "The wrong kind of water", perhaps?

At least I have an effective set of waterproofs for cycling in, so I don't actually get wet when doing so.

Work continues to melt my brain this week. I seem to be learning Java and PL/SQL on the fly whilst sorting out an update to an important live system. I have been on a Java training course (three years ago), but I've hardly written any Java ever, compared to the KLOCs of Perl I've written. Plus it's maintenance coding, so it's also trying to work out someone else's Java. Oh, and learning the Eclipse IDE too. And the Ant build system. And working out the database schema I'm working with, which is heavily normalised, unlike most of the database schemas I work on. In the wibbly wobbly world of the web, we tend to use very "wide" non-normalised MySQL databases, as joins take time, and speed is a prime consideration.
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More testing. I might leave this cake pr0n online though :-)

I have cake

EDIT: just eaten it with a nice cup of tea. Lovely!
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Using my M3100 at home, connected by WiFi to my home wireless LAN. Nice picture from The Cruxshadows gig last week.
Testing LJ Mobile client



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