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Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:York, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
My mobile number is: +447779352240

My preferred email address is

The name "vin_petrol" came out of Whitby Goth Weekend in April 2003. People were
a) calling me "vin" a lot,
b) going on at me to get a live journal,
c) going on about Vin Diesel (there were women in the house).
Hence "vin_petrol" seemed as good a name as any other.
I like burning petrol and going fast in or on vehicles.
I also have a shaved head, and I was born in 1967. Sadly, I don't have a six-pack.

NOTE: Anonymous commenting is enabled to allow my sisters (WANOLJ) to comment on my journal. They have agreed to always identify themselves by name when commenting. Any truly anonymous comments will probably get deleted.

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acting, alan moore, astronomy, babylon 5, baked beans, biscuits, boobies, books, boots, covenant, curvy goth girls, ebm, firefly, gene wolfe, hard sf, history, honda, honda civic type-r, honda vfr750, industrial, infest, j├Ągermeister, marillion, middlesbrough fc, mobile phones, orange mobile phones, perl, rush, scepticism, science fiction, screaming banshee aircrew, sf, slacker astronomy, sony ericsson p900, space exploration, stompy boots, the sisters of mercy, vnv nation, vodka, vodka martini, working for orange
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